Our beginnings

MPE was founded by Fernando Quenard and Ignacio Brieva in 1998. Mr Quenard and Mr Brieva are the creators of such ground-breaking attractions as El pasaje del terror, Terror on Chruch st. and Hollywood Cars.

Our team

MPE’s team brings together a unique group of professionals coming from multiple backgrounds. However, they all share the same passion for the analysis of human behavior and what mobilizes the masses.

Our work

Thanks to its intimate knowledge of the leisure/entertainment market, MPE discovers new business opportunities for its clients. In addition, MPE’s team of professionals can help in finding ways to improve already profitable concepts.

If you would like to work at MPE, send your CV/resumé to rrhh@mpe-europe.com. We will add your profile to our database and keep you informed of future openings.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you soon.