Särkänniemi Park

With the help, once again, of our collaborator and friend Alfonso Ríos, MPE designed a Strategic Idea Model for the Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Finland.

Our model is based on a selective analysis applied to three fundamental questions for the Park’s commercial operation:

  • Its operational market framework
  • It stable offering mix
  • The surprise factor and the season’s teaser

Basing ourselves on these premises, we had to act directly on the current Särkänniemi Park offering from different mobilizing vectors, with clear objectives for winning customers, participation, added services, optimization, expansion and adaptation of the existing resources with an eye to improving their marketing success.

For a conventional amusement park, whether large or small, basing growth and development on the satisfaction of its customers’ expectations through different and attractive come-ons each year, above all if these come-ons entail the acquisition of new mechanical attractions, is practically impossible as well as economically unviable, even when there is an interesting market of second-hand attractions. This is why years ago we developed a new Strategic Idea Model for amusement parks and zoos, based on live action, on interrelation with the public through which visitors become the leading characters in the proposal. This model was developed on the basis of a guiding element that we call: “the season leitmotif”.