Road Action

MPE and Robot Service are associated for the development, implementation and marketing in Spain and Europe of a project that has been very successfully carried out, with the collaboration of the traffic and road safety departments of some South American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil, called ACCION VIAL (Road Action).

Road Action is an educational, interactive, participative performance program with high visual impact whose main objective is to teach, in a clear, entertaining way, concepts and basic standards of road safety to small children.

With a series of robotic elements and games, the visitors can experience and become familiar with the sensations and dangers that can arise from not knowing or disobeying a set of rules that are vital in road safety.

Some of the activities they can participate in range from experiencing the feeling of overturning in a car, to the simulation of a head-on collision, simulations of rear-end collisions, an impact on a helmet, reflex tests, the enjoyment of a children’s driving park or a dynamic movie projection and many other experiences.

Additionally, the program is available in a traveling version conceived to be transported, set up and disassembled quickly. This enables it to be taken to schools, city squares, exhibitions, shopping malls or any other place in large cities where people gather in large numbers. In rural areas, it can be transported to towns and small cities where the spectacular nature of the program and the mouth-to-mouth advertising that is generated make the impact of the message much greater than any promotional campaign that could be launched.