MPE is extremely proud to have sponsored this extraordinary play by Stefan Zweig, based on one of his best short novels, which has been turned into an intimate chamber musical show starring the extraordinary actress Silvia Marsó. After seeing the original production by Christine Khandjian and Stéphane Ly-Coug in Paris, she has taken over the production of the show in Spain.

This work is a reflection on the unforeseen paths of life that take us into unfathomable abysses, leading an aristocrat with a comfortable life to confront all her vital and moral principles.

On the 75th anniversary of the death of the famous Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, Silvia Marsó produced and performed Stefan Zweig’s musical show 24 HOURS IN A WOMAN’S LIFE, directed by Ignacio García, with original music by Sergei Dreznin, playwriting by Christine Khandjian and Stéphane Ly-Coug, musical direction by José Ferré, set design by Arturo Martín Burgos, lighting by Juanjo Llorens and costumes by Ana López Cobos.

24 HOURS IN A WOMAN’S LIFE thus became an intimate chamber music show, directed by Ignacio García, starring Silvia Marsó who is joined on stage by Felipe Ansola and Germán Torres. And Miguel Huertas on the piano, Gala Pérez Iñesta on the cello and Irene Celestino Chico on the violin. In their tour around Catalonia the work was performed, together with Silvia Marsó, by Germán Torres and Marc Parejo.

SILVIA MARSÓ, the show’s protagonist and producer, is one of Spain’s most outstanding film, theatre and television actresses, as well as a theatre producer. She has starred, among others, in the following theatrical productions: The Crystal Zoo by Tennessee Williams (Teatro Rojas and Eco FM awards for best actress); Yerma by Federico García Lorca; Dollhouse, by Henrik Ibsen (Ercilla and Teatro de Rojas awards for best actress); Doña Rosita la soltera, by Federico García Lorca; Three Tall Women, by Edward Albee, (candidate for the Mayte Theatre Award in 1995); The Great Sultana, by Miguel de Cervantes in the National Classical Theatre Company; Neither Poor nor Rich, but Quite the Opposite, by Tono and Miguel Mihura.3​

In I Love You, You’re Perfect, I’ll Change You Later (Max Award in 2001 for best musical show) she showed her qualities as an actress-singer again. In 2004 she began her work as a theatre producer, premiering six theatre productions and producing four editions of music and theatre festivals. Here we should highlight: Here no one pays by Dario Fo, and Three versions of life by Yasmina Reza, in which she also participated as an actress.

In 2017, she premiered her first musical theatre production based on Stefan Zweig’s novel, 24 Hours in the Life of a Woman at the Teatro de la Abadía, Madrid. It received the Broadway World Spain 2018 Award to the best Musical Show and Silvia Marsó was nominated to the Valle Inclán 2019 Award and the 2018 Musical Theatre Awards, for Best Leading Actress.


Stefan Zweig was born on November 28, 1881, in Vienna, Austria.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Zweig was one of the world’s best-known authors. His works include “Dangerous Piety or Impatience of the Heart“, “Letter from an Unknown Lady“, “Mary Stuart” and “24 Hours in the Life of a Woman“.

Depressed and hopeless because of Hitler’s rise and the fate of Europe, Zweig and his second wife committed suicide in 1942.

“The importance is not in the theme, in the decoration, in the frame, but in the interior dynamics. When you manage to load the characters with enough tension, and invent scenes, you get an equal effect and in a more truthful, more natural way.”