MPE develops the Magic Project

MPE developed the successful “Project Magic” for the hotel chain Magic Costa Blanca. “Project Magic” was established to develop MAGIC as a brandname by providing content, positioning the brand, promoting it, and increasing customer loyalty. All of these actions have magic as their inspiration and driving force.

This important challenge will begin from the first fortnight in June, during which, basically, the training courses to prepare the hotel staff members will be given. This training will be given by professional magicians from all over Spain, who have been selected previously in meticulous castings.

The Magic Costa Blanca hotels will be truly magical. We will expand and strengthen our recreational and leisure offering with activities aimed at all audiences so that magic will become the central idea.

We have no doubt that today’s magic boom, on television, in the movies and especially in the great publishing and film success of Harry Potter, has stimulated us to undertake this project.

Magic is a bridge, a bridge that allows you to walk from the visible world over into the invisible world, and to learn the lessons of both of those worlds.” –Paulo Coelho. From the first moment, the customers will find themselves immersed in a magical world, a fun and different place. From the receptionist who registers you with invisible ink to the waiter who makes soft drinks disappear.

When this initial learning and adaptation phase is complete, the start-up of our project will be launched with the creation of different activities and entertainment events of which we will duly inform our publics.