Partnership between MPE and Jack Rousse Associates

MPE and Jack Rousse Associates (USA) have established an agreement to work together on future projects.

Jack Rouse Associates (JRA) is a group of script writers, planners, designers, media producers and project managers headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Called “one of the world’s more prominent design firms” by the Wall Street Journal, JRA is a multidisciplinary company structured to conceive, visualize and create unique experiences for audiences the world over.

JRA can provide all the services needed to develop an experimental project, from the initial planning to the opening day. Although they may be best known for their creativity, the staffers at JRA can feel equally proud of their collaborative, flexible working process.

Whether dealing with attractions for children, a sports stadium, a historical museum, a science center, the brand experience or a theme park, JRA has had the good fortune of working with some of the world’s most important organizations, helping them to tell their stories in an outstanding, entertaining and, most importantly, memorable way.