MPE & Helipistas

MPE and Helipistas have partnered to use drones in future MPE projects that may benefit from it, namely, events, promotional campaigns, and exhibitions requiring aerial filming.

Helipistas is a Spanish helicopter company operating under the Spanish Air Safety Authority.

Founded in 1997, Helipistas is the creation of a team of aviation professionals and entrepreneurs looking to offer innovative services in helicopter transport and aerial activities.

Helipistas has also been training helicopter pilots for over twelve years. In July 2014 Helipistas became the first Spanish company to be authorized to provide basic and advanced official training programs for pilots wishing to work in any of the certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAs).

Helipistas works with highly experienced professionals:

  • Helicopter pilots.
  • Flight instructors.
  • RPAs (drones) pilots.
  • RPAs (drones) flight instructors.

Helipistas’s headquarters are located at the Teresa Vilà heliport, in Ullastrel (25 minutes from Barcelona). Teresa Vilà heliport features 3 helipads and 2 hangars housing Helipistas’s own 10-helicopter fleet. Helipistas benefits from its own maintenance and support center on the premises.

The use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAs) in the private sector is growing rapidly.

There is a wide range of RPAs of varying sizes, shapes and characteristics to meet different needs. Their possibilities are virtually endless: reaching difficult-to-access locations, collecting data and visual information without putting human staff at risk.

Helipistas is the first helicopter company authorized by AESA to operate RPAs with the following purposes:

  • Research, prospection and instrument testing: testing of equipment, weather observation.
  • Maritime and archeological prospecting.
  • Oil prospecting.
  • Liaison and broadcasting, radio or television relay transmitting.
  • Aerial surveillance and filming, including fire prevention.
  • Promotional campaigns.