MPE and Daniel Flannery at the Expo

MPE and Daniel Flannery work side-by-side on a presentation for the Universal Expo in Zaragoza, Spain in 2008.

For this specific development, MPE presents, as an exclusive resource, Daniel Flannery for the creation of a great live audiovisual spectacle for a massive audience for the 2008 Zaragoza Expo.

Daniel Flannery is currently a world reference in major entertainment events based on WATER. His shows have closed the Olympics (Los Angeles, 1984), and have been a fundamental part of the success of previous universal expositions: “AQUACADE” (New Orleans, USA, 1984), “WATER FANTASIUM” (Osaka, Japan, 1990), “FANTASTIC ODYSSEY” (Taejon, Korea, 1993).

He has also developed major entertainment events for both open air presentation (“MOVISTAR MÁGICA”, 2005), and in large-capacity theaters: “STAR WARS CONCERT” (Los Angeles, USA, 1977), “COSMIC SYMPHONY” (Tokyo, Japan, 1995) and “ELEMENTS” (Shenzhen, China, 2007) among others.

At this writing he has three of these spectacles developed in Las Vegas: FATTE, BEN HUR LIVE and AQUARIA (the latter was co-produced with the legendary Hollywood actress Esther Williams), and he has worked on different events for the next Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

As a major creative referent in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, Daniel Flannery has conceived, designed and directed prize-winning visual, musical and theatrical productions for large audiences the world over.

Recognized as a set designer due to his visionary ability to transform words and music into eye-catching visual icons, his involvement begins with the initial conceptual creative project, and extends through its staging.

A Daniel Flannery production entails a coherent vision that is deeply integrated into the concept, design and direction, thus creating a unique emotional experience in which the audience is transformed and submerged.