MPE and CB Ocio in the Argentine Bicentenary

MPE and CB Ocio will work together to develop a joint project in Argentina to commemorate the 200th aniversary of the country’s Revolution (in 2010) and Declaration of Independence (2016). The project, now in its early stages, will revolve around a theme park and will celebrate such historic events through a unique mix of entertainment, fun, beauty, history and culture. “Open to the World” will be its slogan.

Under the inspiration of the upcoming Argentine Bicentenary, a specifically focused leisure development was studied and explored to meet the particular objectives set out for the celebration of the country’s 200th anniversary:

  • To commemorate the festivity of such a special day in the history of Argentina.
  • To promote the creation of a productive infrastructure which, emerging as a response to the Bicentenary, will remain permanently for the enjoyment and use of all Argentines.
  • To be, in some way, an example open to the world of the political and cultural development of the Argentine nation over the past 200 years.
  • To conduct a live, dynamic project that will encourage the participation and enthusiasm of all the cultural and social strata of Argentine society.
  • To work side by side with Argentine artists: poets, writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers….

After analyzing all the characteristics indicated above and exploring diverse alternatives, we presented a development that meets all the objectives proposed.

This project, called “The Bicentenary Gardens”, is destined to become the largest and only live museum of floral representations in the world. Its distinctive design and floral composition enable it to be enjoyed not only while strolling through the park itself, but also from anyplace on the planet through Google Earth. This feature lends it a unique worldwide promotional element.

For this enterprise we benefit from the participation of Cristian Guardia, one of the advertising agents with the greatest experience in commercial communication, image design and creative strategy.