Medieval Magic

Again in cooperation with the Magic Costablanca hotel chain, and according to its needs, we have been given the challenge of creating and developing a School of Medieval Princesses and Knights that would supply content, through animation and performance, to the magnificent facilities that they have in the vicinity of Alfaz del Pi, Alicante. Also included in the challenge is the possibility that this activity would extend beyond Alfaz del Pi to contaminate all the hotels in the chain to create an exclusive, unforgettable day of recreational activities for all their customers and, above all, for all their smallest guests.

Our leisure proposal will attempt to cover the following points:

  • To make use of the medieval appeal of the Excalibur castle to extend it to the rest of the hotels of the chain.
  • To exploit the synergies and resources of the “Magic” and “Magic Dance Academy” projects, created previously by MPE for the chain, in an attempt to complement, promote and reinforce the three projects.
  • To make most of the medieval training activities a complement that is both recreational and cultural.
  • To integrate the new technologies and place them at the service of the medieval theme material (video games, simulators, etc.).
  • To develop an image that the customer will find attractive, charming, in harmony with the theme it represents.
  • To promote the recreational offering of the hotels with a new weekly performance of the highest artistic level, one that brings together the medieval thematic material, humor, magic and dance.
  • To succeed in cementing the children’s loyalty by rewarding repeat hotel stays and maintaining continuous feedback with them through a new Medieval Magic group created on the Magic Amigos (Friends of Magic) website.

Fun / recreational activities that the project will include:

  • Trinket workshop
  • Juggling workshop
  • Fencing school
  • School of equitation
  • School of magical arts
  • Archery
  • Medieval dances
  • … and many more.

Once each week, in the Excalibur castle, a ceremony of investiture of princesses and knights will be staged, before an impressive medieval tournament is held, in which all the learners will be invested by the Count of Alfaz in a great formal ceremony, in which each one will receive a title of nobility written on a sheet of parchment.

During that ceremony, the Count will instruct and show them the meaning of loyalty, cooperation, respect and generosity, the fundamental values that govern the behavior of a true princess and a medieval knight.

In addition, the princesses and knights just invested will have the possibility of drawing out, one by one, the legendary sword Excalibur and become kings or queens for a day.