Leisure Masters & MPE

Leisure Masters (Los Angeles – USA) and MPE, Master Production Entertainment (Europe) have formed an association in order to be able to offer all of its customers the advantages of a centralized, synergetic management with a broad range of services and products that covers practically the entire leisure industry. And entertainment.

Apart from the design of theme parks, the MPE – Leisure Masters association offers its customers an unsurpassable offering of shows, recreational/cultural developments, exhibitions and attractions focusing on different leisure areas, as well as market studies and exclusive designs suited to the needs of the business being served.

Corporate leisure and entertainment have moved from being a cost to becoming a business offering great possibilities for improving the profit and loss account.

LEISURE MASTERS is an international consulting firm that does one-off assignments in Spain and the rest of the world.

Recent work: Movie Park (theme park developed by MPE) and Euroworld, both in Benidorm, and Cinecito in Madrid.

LEISURE MASTERS produces television programs and contents for the internet. Additionally, it produces and distributes feature films and manages the capture and exhibition of 2D and 3D images in movie theaters the world over.

In association with LEISURE MASTERS, MPE supplies master planning studies, urban development, set designs, specialized architecture for leisure projects, special effects, props and costumes for productions world wide.

It also provides mechanical and electronic attractions, cars for film productions, action stunt men, movement simulators, virtual reality and digital and film projection systems in all formats for museums, leisure spaces, shopping centers, as well as for theme and amusement parks.

In association with Pele Sports and Marketing, MPE also produces interactive spaces that are theme-centered and focused on sports in general and soccer in particular.

The two companies, in association with Flannery Productions of Hollywood and Las Vegas (USA), provide consulting and creativity services as well as supervision of special events, megaconcerts, exhibitions and world fairs.

When a leisure project requires the identification, search for and selection of qualified personnel in the USA or in the country where the theme park is located, we meet that highly important need.

Currently, our joint venture has been called on to collaborate in the project called: “Life Style Center”, next to the Parque Paramount in Alhama de Murcia, Spain. The developer of this initiative is PREMURSA (Proyectos Emblemáticos Murcianos).