Game Experience

Game Experience is a new concept in family entertainment developed by MPE for Magic Costa Blanca around traditional toys, games and videogames.


Game Experience opens up magical, inviting game spots that take visitors into worlds filled with games and toys for the enjoyment of the whole family. From dolls and toy soldiers to remote control cars, makeup sets, toy kitchens, construction toys, etc.

The newest videogames and consoles complete Game Experience—a unique, fun-filled experience created by MPE for the guests at Magic Costa Blanca hotels and resorts.

At the heart of Game Experience is the belief that families that play together stay together. Game Experience offers families and their members the opportunity to play and have fun together.

Game Experience will open at Cristal Park, Magic Costa Blanca’s hotel resort in Benidorm, with two large rooms where children and adults will be able to play and have fun together or individually.

The first room will house a broad selection of toys and games, both classic and new, where a massive car racing set and a stunning doll house will be the main attractions. In addition, guests will choose virtually any imaginable toy from shelves and shelves filled with toys and games from all periods and for all ages. Specially trained hotel animators will help guests to find the perfect toy for them.

The second room will revolve around videogames, featuring over 60 games (Demo-Units), simulators and large video screens with spectacular sets that will take guests into fantasy worlds full of competition, magic and adventure.

This room will consist of five different sections. One of them will be devoted to arcade games, with over 2,000 choices that will no doubt delight the most experienced gamers. In addition, a state-of-the-art Video-Disco set will give guests a chance to amaze friends and family by showcasing their talent as singers, musicians or dancers.

There will be a Motor section featuring the latest simulators, and a Sports section with large screens where guests will be able track their scores and rankings.

Lastly, in the Fantasy and Adventure section guests will become the stars of their own favorite adventure, game or film.

In this videogame paradise guests will find the most popular consoles on the market, will be able to attend master classes by the best Hard Gamers, YouTubers and relevant personalities in the field, and will take part in competitions open to the public.

Game Experience will make Magic Costa Blanca a household name among game lovers.

In addition to the above, Cristal Park will pay tribute to the “Art of Play” offering guests a selection of traditional games and toys such as jump rope, French skipping, tag, bottle caps, marbles, that will introduce children to the games that their parents and grandparents played.

Hotel rooms will gradually be thematized until they become spaces for rest and play. Part of the hotel furniture will be progressively adapted to incorporate game elements to be enjoyed by couples and families.

“Inspired by the importance and advantages of play to both children and adults, we have developed “Game Experience”, a new concept in entertainment that will expand the playful side of holidays by offering a wide range of possibilities that will please guests of all ages and tastes.”

“Play is intrinsic to human beings. Thanks to it we develop our motor capacities, we learn and socialize from our most tender age. Nevertheless, something so vital to our intellectual and physical development is eventually forgotten and pushed aside as we age and become involved in life’s responsibilities. The good thing is that our children come to our rescue and, in asking us to play with them, put us on the right path again.”