Game Experience. Presentation at FITUR 2015

MPE has been hard at work throughout 2014 on Game Experience, a new concept in entertainment created for Magic Costablanca Hotels. Game Experience will premiere at Hotel Cristal Park in the summer of 2015.

Game Experience is a new concept in hotel animation revolving around toys, games and video games. With over 40 game stations (Demo-Units), simulators, large video screens, and spectacular sets, Game Experience invites visitors to enter a fascinating world of competition, magic and adventure.

At the request of Magic Costablanca, MPE set up a Game Experience “taster” next to Magic Costablanca’s own stand at the stunning Comunidad Valenciana pavillion in FITUR. A selection of games and state-of-the-art videogame consoles gave visitors a taste of the full Game Experience that will open at Cristal Park Hotel.

Audience response was overwhelming, and we are confident that the premiere of the full Game Experience will be a major event.


IFEMA – Trade Fair Institution of Madrid
International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR)
From January 28 to February 1, 2015