3D Experience

The current development of stereoscopy is not limited to the production of movies or documental films; it goes further. The major developers of the videogame industry have also signed on to the future offered by this system, as have the main television and laptop computer manufacturers, the makers of graphics boards, and some television broadcasting channels that are already transmitting in 3D.

It is further expected that autostereoscopic screens, which allow 3D objects to be viewed without glasses, will soon be marketed. Thus, any content that is produced now will soon have a market in that future emerging mass market.

The future of stereoscopy will, therefore, be consolidated in these four business areas:

  • Cinematography in 3D
  • Television in 3D
  • Computing, computers in 3D
  • Video games in 3D

Under these premises, MPE is embarking on the creation of a new project based on the development of new business concepts that do not exist today, which, when acting on the institutional level, guarantee, on one hand, an innovative profile for companies and, on the other hand, offer them an exclusivity that will differentiate them from the rest of the market while positioning them in it.

The “3D Experience” project comes into being to respond to an emerging market, with a great potential, and with a capacity for development and growth that is borne out by the major film producers, television broadcasting networks and the most prominent companies in the consumer electronics industry. The project is based on the creation of these three innovative and exclusive products:

  • Advertising “3D Experience”
  • Website “3D Experience”
  • Printing “3D Experience”