MPE updates its website

At Master Production Entertainment we felt that our website needed to be brought up to date, with a more functional and attractive design, and with some major improvements to adapt it to the new technologies.

That’s why we’ve designed a website with you in mind, one that responds to your suggestions, with easy browsing and an elegant design suited to cell phones and tablets, a point we consider highly important, since consultations are made more and more often through these media, and providing this type of browsing is something we’ve focused on.

The structure we’ve applied is divided into 3 blocks: About MPE, News and Projects. The first of these blocks gives information about our beginnings, the people who make up MPE and the working philosophy we have. In the News section we report on all the innovations and the agreements we’ve signed. And finally, in the Projects block, we display the projects we’ve completed that are not subject to confidentiality agreements. These may be filtered by themes such as attractions/performances, custom designs, specials and major events.

This update has given us the occasion to bring in the greatest possible content in both Spanish and English, given our international nature. We have been equally attentive to written information and graphic content, and have added images and videos that round out the written content.

Another section that has benefitted from the update is the private area, an area conceived for all of our customers where they can enjoy customized, confidential information.

We’ve taken advantage of this remodeling to create an MPE profile in the most massively used social networks and video channels:

The objective of this creation is to keep ourselves abreast of all the novelties quickly and at first hand.

We hope that you’ll like the renovated website, that you’ll enjoy using it and, of course, if you have any suggestions, we hope you’ll convey them to us; they will be very well received.

Many thanks to all of you for making this possible.