Master Production Entertainment was founded by Fernando Quenard and Ignacio Brieva in 1998. Mr Quenard and Mr Brieva are the creators of such ground-breaking attractions as El Pasaje del Terror (which roughly translates to The Haunted Mansion), Terror on Chruch st. and Hollywood Cars.

In 1986 the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) saw the beginning of a new concept in theatrical interactive entertainment. A group of unknowing participants make their way through a labyrinth guarded by some of the scariest characters of Hollywood’s most recent horror classics.

In 1988, after the greater success of the attraction, Monsters&Monsters was founded, in partnership with Javier Ruiz de Azúa, to further develop and market this new concept in entertainment. As a result, a new Pasaje del Terror opened in Bilbao (Spain), the first of many to come worldwide. Over 20 millions visitors and more than 30 jam-packed seasons can attest to the grand success of this unforgettable show.

Later, in 1991, OMEN (Orlando Monster Enterprise) was created in the U.S. in association with the Scala Restaurant/Show Group. This led to the grand opening of Terror on Church Street in Orlando, Florida. This 22,000 square feet spin-off of the old Pasaje del Terror proved to be yet another hit among the public.

Terror On Church Street

Logo de Hollywood Cars

In 1993, it created and developed the exhibition/show Hollywood Cars for the investment group PASADE. It premiered in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and later expanded to countries in Latin America (Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, etc.).

This show/exhibition brought together for the first time forty of the most popular cars featured in Hollywood movies and TV shows. The atmosphere created by the robots and character look-alikes gave visitors the sensation of revisiting their favorite scenes. Over one million satisfied visitors can attest to the success of this one-of-a-kind show.

In 1998, Fernando Quenard and Ignacio Brieva decided to realign their line of business by focusing on the creation, design, and consulting of leisure-based entertainment. Thus MPE (Master Production Entertainment), a company primarily geared towards businesses and investment groups, was founded.