MPE’s team brings together a unique group of professionals coming from multiple backgrounds. However, they all share the same passion for the analysis of human behavior and what mobilizes the masses.

MPE’s core group of professionals has extensive training in: show business, fine arts, literature, psychology, architecture, environmental studies, and marketing.

According to the particular needs of each project, MPE’s team selectively hires top professionals whose contributions never fail to make a difference.

MPE has steady work relationships with companies and professionals from all over the world who provide for the needs of the entertainment industry:

  • Álvaro Vila & Brothers Co. – Los Angeles (California, EE.UU.): Animatronics, robotics, electromechanics, etc.
  • Ed Marzola – Los Angeles (California, EE.UU.): Props, costumes, and Hollywood memorabilia.
  • Jack Rousse Associates – Cincinnati (Ohio, EE.UU.): Theme park design and development.
  • Industrias Zamperla – Milan (Italy): Construction of theme park rides
  • Laurent Grousset – Paris (France): 2D, 3D and 4D attractions.
  • Cecilio Caparrini – Madrid (Spain): Theme park consultant.
  • Interdec – Barcelona (Spain): Architectural and interior design.
  • Quality Trust Consultans Entertainment – (Rafael Fondevila): Theme park consultant.
  • Megamac – Buenos Aires (Argentina): Cinema production company.
  • Robot Service – Buenos Aires (Argentina): Engineering and animatronics.
  • Yaox – Beijing (China): Theatrical engineering.